Collaboration with a heart-centric yoga instructor and an experienced photographer composes

a breathtaking & embodied brand message.

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Through the lens of her camera, April Narby has found a way to blend her photography and passions for movement, wellness and small businesses into one creative art form. With the uncanny ability to find the extraordinary in life's most ordinary moments, April's photos are more than just a headshots, they tell stories, capture personalities, stir emotions and preserve memories. Her relaxed and gentle approach results in images that are wonderfully honest and real.




Katie Morgan is a trauma-informed ERYT200 yoga teacher, former studio owner, and the writer of Manifesting Busual, a blog, instagram and soon to launch online course curriculum, dedicated to healing and connecting through trauma and loss.

Katie assists on every movement photoshoot, starting each client out with a 30 minute flow to warm up and she stays on site to ensure that every alignment is perfect for the images they will create for you.

PhotographyApril Narby